University of Helsinki third in Web publication rankings

The University of Helsinki is currently ranked 3rd in Europe and 42nd in the world on the Webometrics list, the aim of which is to encourage open Web communications.

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The University of Helsinki’s strengths included the transparent publication of scientific results in English on the Internet. Information about the university and research conducted in it, as well as research publications, are readily found in international search engines and research databases.

The University of Helsinki is a European forerunner in the development of open access to research articles. In 2010, research information will be collected comprehensively into an open publication archive. According to the evaluation, the most work remains to be done in Web visibility, which was assessed on the basis of links to other Web communities.

According to Webometrics, the number one university in Europe is the University of Cambridge. New entries in the European top ten were Utrecht University and the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm.

  1. 1. University of Cambridge (26.)
  2. 2. Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zürich (32.)
  3. 3. University of Helsinki (42.)
  4. 4. University of Oxford (47.)
  5. 5. University of Oslo (53. )
  6. 6. University College London (64.)
  7. 7. Utrecht University (65.)
  8. 8. University of Edinburgh (66.)
  9. 9. Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm (75.)
  10. 10. University of Vienna (77.)

The top ranks in the world go to the American universities MIT, Harvard, Stanford and Berkeley, which are also among the top five in the ranking by the Shanghai Jiao Tong University.

The University of Helsinki is the only Finnish university among the top 200 ranked universities in the world. In the top 500, there are seven Finnish universities.

The Webometrics study uses the community’s visibility and activity in the Web as its evaluation criteria. The ranking represents a university's global web influence and commitment to the open publication of scientific information. The authors of the ranking believe that it offers important information for students and researchers while they are looking for potential study and work communities.

Webometrics is an initiative of the Spanish research group, Cybermetrics Lab. The ranking, published since 2004, covers 16,000 higher education institutions and universities worldwide.

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Text: Susanna Rautio
Photo: Veikko Somerpuro

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