The University of Helsinki accepts 3900 new students

Medicine, humanities and the behavioural sciences most popular fields.

The University of Helsinki accepts 3900 new students Some 22,370 people marked the University of Helsinki as first choice on their applications. The total number of applicants was a couple of per cent less than last year.

The Faculties of Medicine, Arts, and Behavioural Sciences attracted more students than in 2004, while the number of applicants to other faculties went down a little. The biggest decreases could be seen in pharmacy, the biosciences and the social sciences. Of the social sciences, economics and communications went down the most.

The Faculty of Arts is the largest faculty at the University of Helsinki, both in terms of the number of students and applicants. History, art research, and cultural research even improved their popularity compared with last year. The toughest competition was for places in art history and Finnish literature studies.

Less than ten per cent of those taking the entrance exam were accepted to study special education and psychology in the Faculty of Behavioural Sciences. The same figure also applies to the Institute of Development Studies and the Political History, Social Psychology, and Communication Departments.

It has been possible to apply to the Faculty of Arts with an electronic application for some years. This year, 3700 electronic applications were submitted, which is over 80 per cent of all applications to the Faculty.

Text: Mirja Mäenpää
Photo: Eero Roine

Translation: Valtasana Oy

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