University issues new degree structures

Degrees will also have official English-language titles.

Promotion of masters 2003 The University of Helsinki has confirmed the length of degrees in the two-cycle degree structure. The decisions are based on the new decree on degrees issued by the Government. The two-cycle system will come into force in all fields, with the exception of medicine and dentistry.

The degree reform will replace the former credit system with the European ECTS credit scheme, in which a year’s work load is 60 credits or 1600 hours. The Bachelor’s degree requires 180 ECTS credits and the Master’s degree 120 credits more.

Basic studies are 25 ECTS credits. Major subjects are 60 to 90 credits in the Bachelor’s degree, in addition to which students are required to write a thesis worth six credits. In minor subjects, as in basic studies, students must complete at least 25 credits.

For a Master’s degree, students must complete at least 30 credits in advanced studies, and write a 40-credit thesis. In medicine, dentistry and veterinary medicine the thesis can be worth 20 to 40 credits.

The new decree will also establish official English-language titles for the degrees, for the first time in Finland. A university can now issue its certificates in English, in addition to Finland’s official languages Finnish and Swedish.

The new degree structure will be adopted in a year’s time. For more information, please visit the page Reform of the degree structure at the University of Helsinki on the University’s website.

Text: Liisa Voutilainen
Photo: Promotion 2003

Translation: Valtasana Oy

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