Aleksandria’s first year a success

Aleksandria Learning Centre has been a huge success among students in its first year.

Aleksandria Learning Center "We have counted that approximately a million visits have been made to the different facilities of the learning centre. The counter in the library reveals that approximately 570,000 people have visited the undergraduate library during the year," says Timo Laakso, a porter at Aleksandria.

In addition to the library, Aleksandria’s computers are also in heavy use year round. During terms, nearly all 300 computers are continually taken in the afternoons and even in summer – apart from July, which is the traditional holiday month in Finland – the utilisation rate is approximately 60 percent.

"The number of computer operating hours accumulated from beginning of January to end of May is 320,000. Logins have been made with 15,000 different user IDs, which is a huge number. 1.3 million pages have been printed over the same period," says Esa Kohtamäki, a coordinator from the IT Department.

The reasons for the popularity are clear.

"The place is accessible and serves many different users. You can quickly skim through your email on the stands on the ground floor, help and advice is available on the first floor and the second floor attracts students looking for a peaceful place to work. In addition, it is possible to use your own laptop and we have reading rooms, multimedia computers, videoconference facilities and rooms for group work."

Text: Sanna Schildt
Photo: Eero Roine

Translation: Valtasana Oy

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