Vice Rector Matti J. Tikkanen: International recruitment must be intensified

The crucial mission for the upcoming rectorship will be to prepare for university reform while also maintaining an international focus.

Matti J. Tikkanen On the whole, Vice Rector Matti J. Tikkanen is pleased with the university’s progress towards internationalisation.

“Several international benchmarking studies testify to the great strides we have already made in the field of scientific research. We are also active in several international networks, such as the League of European Research Universities LERU.”

Tikkanen sees room for improvement in the recruitment of international undergraduates and lecturers, however. He also draws attention to the relatively low number of university students and researchers heading abroad.

”Master’s degree programmes in English are an important means of recruiting international students. Substantial investment in these degree programmes has been made in recent years, and the effort is ongoing. Among other things, we aim to create an English-language Master’s degree programme in medicine. A research-track programme would seem to be in great demand at present.”

A variety of tools are also available to facilitate the recruitment of international professors. Nonetheless, Tikkanen notes with regret that the university’s faculties have yet to grasp the full potential of these tools. Last year, for example, start-up funds earmarked for this very purpose were largely left untapped.

Tikkanen sees the central task of his coming rectorship as preparation for the coming university reform.

”The circumstances are now extraordinary, as we only have eighteen months until the reform is put into effect. We can only resolve to focus on the pursuit of a more international profile alongside our intense preparations for the reform.”

The ambit of Vice Rector Matti Tikkanen, Professor of Internal Medicine, comprises international affairs, relations with sector research institutes and the HUCH, the innovation system, human resources policy and bilingualism. The terms of office of the new rectors begin in August.

Text: Sanna Agullana
Photo: Ari Aalto

Translation: AAC Noodi Oy

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