Multilingual universities meet in Helsinki in autumn

The University of Helsinki is hosting a conference on multilingualism.

Multilingual conference The University of Helsinki is hosting a conference for multilingual universities on 1–3 September 2005. Entitled Bi- and Multilingual Universities – Challenges and future prospects, the conference will bring to Helsinki nearly 200 researchers of bilingualism and multilingualism and leaders of multilingual universities from all over the world.

Besides European universities, there will be representatives from North America, Africa and Asia. EU Commissioner Ján Figel, who is responsible for education and multilingualism, will also be attending.

Keynote speakers include Professor Suzanne Romaine from the University of Oxford, Professor Stacy Churchill from the University of Toronto and Professor Robert Phillipson from the University of Roskilde.

The purpose of the conference is to discuss present research in the field and exchange experiences on bilingual and multilingual university education. The themes include the growing role of English as the lingua franca and the ways universities can support both multilingualism and the survival of minority languages and cultures.

During the conference, the Student Union of the University of Helsinki will arrange a parallel conference programme for students attending bilingual universities.

The conference programme is available online.

Text: Salla Laaksonen
Photo: Eero Roine

Translation: Valtasana Oy

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