Finland joins European Southern Observatory ESO

Finland’s accession to the European Southern Observatory (ESO) became effective as of 7 July.


Established in 1962, ESO is a leading organisation for astronomical research, now with eleven member countries. ESO builds and offers large technologically advanced research instruments and measurement data produced with them for the use of scientists in its member countries. Thanks to the modern telescope compounds empirical study, for example, on the formation of new stars is possible.

The most recent technological development is the ALMA (Atacama Large Millimetre Array) radio telescope, currently under construction in Chile, which enables the observation of the Universe with unprecedented precision. Construction will continue until 2011; but initial scientific observations are planned already from 2007.

– With ESO membership, Finnish scientists gain access to ESO telescopes and radio telescopes, including ALMA, on an equal footing with other member countries. It opens a vast array of opportunities for research and work, says Professor Kalevi Mattila from the University of Helsinki Observatory.

For further information on the European Southern Observatory, please visit ESO’s home page.

Text: Sanna Schildt
Photo: ESO

Translation: Valtasana Oy

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