The Academy of Finland invests in future electronics

Fifty-six projects, or 12 project consortia, have been chosen for the Academy of Finland's EUR 6.75 million research programme, Future Electronics. Three research projects at the University of Helsinki were among those chosen.

The programme aims at creating such long-term, high-quality basic research that could be used both to support the research and development of the Finnish electronic industry and to find new areas of application in the future. The main foci of the three-year programme are the technologies of logical entities, future materials, efficient solution methods and interdisciplinary utilisation of electronics.

The outlook is that portable equipment will become prevalent, electronics and processing ability will be integrated into most technical systems and the use of modern regulation systems and autonomic equipment will gain ground. The miniaturisation of probes will also continue. These development trends create possibilities for completely new kinds of system innovations. The first signs of the unification of the electronic and biological worlds are also visible.

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