First Vice Rector Hannele Niemi: employers should bear some responsibility for student graduation

The important questions in the next term for the First Vice Rector include engaging in closer cooperation between the university and employers and improving teaching resources.

Hannele Niemi

First Vice Rector Hannele Niemi considers the fact that students work to be a significant reason why studies take so long.

“Since the university has no say on the system of educational benefits, consideration should be given to the type of work students undertake. Students that have worked in expert positions have no difficulty finding employment once they graduate,” says Niemi.

Niemi believes that employers should bear their responsibility with regard to student graduation.

“Studies most usually get put off at the final stages. Time needs to be reserved for sitting exams and writing the final thesis. Work done by students should not only be about exploitation.”

As a solution, Niemi proposes closer cooperation between the university and employers.

“The important issues for the next term of office are creating relationships with employers and developing placements that are part of studies. The teacher-student ratio should also be improved. There are now too many students for every one teacher.”

Practical measures for motivating students and shortening the time taken to study include clearer study guidance, high-quality courses, ensuring teachers have good pedagogical skills and the participation of students in developing the studies.

“Earning credit for teaching should also be reflected in applications for positions; in the current system it ranks below success in research.”

Hannele Niemi, who is Professor of Education, starts her second term of office as First Vice Rector in August. Her areas of responsibility include educational and academic affairs, library affairs, the quality assurance system and equality.

Text: Sanna Agullana
Photo: Ari Aalto

Translation: AAC Noodi Oy

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