A student suspended for a year for plagiarism

Student who copied thesis from the Internet suspended for a year.

A serious case of plagiarism A serious case of plagiarism was discovered this spring at the Faculty of Arts. A student submitted a Master’s thesis that had been copied in full from the Internet. At its meeting the University Senate decided to expel the student for a year.

Maija Jäppinen, a University Senate student representative said that the case elicited a long discussion at the meeting.

“The Senate felt that this was such a serious offence that there really was no alternative but to suspend the student,” says Jäppinen.

This is the most serious case of plagiarism at the University of Helsinki that has come to light so far. Therefore the Senate wanted to send a strong message to all students that plagiarism is not acceptable.

“I would hope, however, that instead of this very unfortunate but isolated incident the discussion would focus on how to prevent these things from happening,” Jäppinen says.

According to her, in addition to effective supervision during thesis writing it would be important to educate students about the ethics of science and to ensure that everyone knows what the limits are.

Text: Ilona Hietanen
Photo: Mikko Arvinen
Translation: Valtasana Oy

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