University students eager to study abroad

The Faculty of Arts at the University of Helsinki is popular among exchange students.

University students eager to study abroad According to new statistics by the Centre for International Mobility CIMO, nearly 8,500 Finnish students went abroad last year for student exchange or practical training.

The number increased by a couple of hundred since 2004. The overall number of Finnish exchange students abroad has increased in two successive years.

“If we look at the field of study, the most mobile students come from the visual arts, music, law and business studies. In these fields, nearly half of the students spend sometime studying abroad," says Irma Garam, Senior Adviser, from CIMO.

One in four university students study for some time abroad, while one in seven polytechnics students pursue studies abroad. The average stay is five months.

Finland also attracts international students. In 2005, there were more foreign exchange students and trainees in Finland than ever before.

“Finnish universities offer a great variety of courses in English so language should be no obstacle to coming to Finland,” Garam says. Besides the high standard of education in Finland, international students are interested in the well-functioning society, high technology and the culture that is considered slightly exotic.

The University of Helsinki had 1,387 international students in 2005, most of them in the Faculty of Arts. Other popular fields include social and natural sciences.

Text: Mirja Mäenpää
Photo: Eero Roine

Translation: Valtasana Oy

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