Commission to double research budget

The European Commission proposes an increase of 10 billion euros to the yearly research budget.

More funding for researchers Science and technology are keys to the future of the European Union, the Commission notes in its communication. The Commission proposes a yearly increase of 10 billion euros to the research budget. Funding would be granted for the Seventh Framework period for the years 2007–2013. The increase would double the current funding.

The Commission aims to create European centres of excellence, launch European technological initiatives, stimulate the creativity of basic research through competition and make Europe more attractive to the researchers. The Commission also plans to develop research infrastructure and improve the coordination of national research programmes.

In addition, two new areas for European-level research activities are presented: space and security.

More information on the European Commission website.

Text and translation: Tapio Nurminen
Photo: Ida Pimenoff

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