Bones speak of life

The Skeletons and Bones Room at the Finnish Museum of Natural History has been transformed into a versatile exhibition called Bones Speak....

Benjamin and Amanda Biskop & the skeleton box The exhibition, which opens on Thursday, June 3rd, offers both facts and insights.

“People often associate bones with scary images of death. The new exhibition emphasises how much interesting information they offer about life,” says Solveig Bergholm, who is in charge of the exhibition design.

Bones are a veritable cornucopia of information. The colourful exhibition has been divided into sections offering information about the distinctive features of skeletons from land-, water-, and air-based animals, and different aspects of osteology, the study of bones. Bones can be used to study the degree of relationship between different species, their evolution, habitat, and the different species’ ways of adapting to environmental changes. The shape of the skull and teeth reveal what the animal feeds on.

In addition to just visual information, visitors are also offered tactile experiences and hands-on experiments. In the crafts corner, visitors can solve a cubic puzzle skeleton and investigate the contents of a skeleton box. Those brave enough to sneak a peek inside one cabinet will find out which animal is the most dangerous in the world.

Further information about the exhibition and the opening hours of the museum are available on the web site of the Finnish Museum of Natural History.

Text and photo: Sanna Schildt

Translation: Valtasana Oy

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