The employment status of graduated foreigners is good

A new survey reviews the employment status of the foreigners who completed a degree at the University of Helsinki 1997-1999.

The University of Helsinki Career Services carried out a survey To Survive or to Succeed – Survey on the Employment Status of Foreigners who Completed a Degree at the University of Helsinki 1997-1999. The research was done by Mari Pulkkinen.

The findings of the report suggest that the current employment status of foreigners who graduated from the University of Helsinki 1997-1999 is quite good. The majority of the respondents reported being currently employed. Also the relatively small number of unemployed (4,2 %) may be seen as a positive outcome. A significant number of those currently employed hold a job requiring expertise and a high level of education most commonly in professions having to do with academic research and teaching.

The reasons for being unemployed or underemployed can be scrutinized through the obstacles the respondents reported having faced in the Finnish labor market. According to the respondents, the biggest disadvantages the foreign job seeker may possess when searching for a job in Finland are foreign origin and lack of Finnish language skills.

Many respondents would like to stay in Finland. Their decision to stay or not is highly affected by their employment status: those who are well- employed here have usually no desire to leave Finland, while those with a poor employment status often see leaving Finland as an inevitable development – even if it is not usually the first choice for them either.


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