Faculty of Medicine excels in survey

The University of Helsinki is ranked 46th among world universities providing medical education and research.

Faculty of Medicine excels in survey

Universities with English as the teaching language, particularly from the United States and the United Kingdom, came out on top of the Top Universities ranking of the British QS research institute. The University of Helsinki was ranked 7th among universities using a language other than English as their main teaching language.

Risto Renkonen, the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, believes that the ranking reflects the faculty's investment in research.

– We founded a dedicated research programme unit to organise the research activities ten years ago. Moreover, much of the research is still done at the departments and in collaboration with the Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa Hospital. Our long-term work has provided results.

The Faculty of Medicine also produces a considerable number of doctoral dissertations. Each year, approximately 110-120 postgraduate students receive their doctoral degrees from one of the faculty’s research projects. Approximately one-third of the new doctors are natural scientists and two-thirds are physicians.

The Finnish faculties of medicine fared well in the rankings in general. The University of Eastern Finland was ranked in positions 101–150 and the Universities of Oulu, Tampere, and Turku ranked in positions 151–200.

Published in May, the Top Universities ranking listed universities on the basis of 14 different scientific disciplines. The University of Helsinki was ranked among the 200 best in all fields except engineering and technology, which are not taught at the university.

In physics, environmental sciences, biological sciences, psychology, and computer science, the University of Helsinki was ranked in positions 51–100, while in chemistry and mathematics it was ranked in positions 101–150 and in metallurgy and 'earth sciences' in positions 151–200.

The Top Universities ranking was formerly known as the Times Higher Education Supplement Survey. The ranking reflects not only the number of papers published, but also the assessments of the level of the universities by competing universities and the assessment of a university's level by its own personnel.

All rankings are available at the Top Universities ranking website.

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Text: Juha Merimaa
Photo: Veikko Somerpuro
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