Kari Raivio appointed as new Chancellor

Kari Raivio President Tarja Halonen has appointed Kari Raivio as the new Chancellor of the University of Helsinki.

The President appointed the Chancellor on the basis of a shortlist of three, which was elected by the 130-member Electoral College on 11 April 2003. The Electoral College placed in first position Kari Raivio (63), Rector, Professor of Perinatal Medicine, in second position Ilkka Niiniluoto (57), Vice Rector, Professor of Theoretical Philosophy, and in third position Raija Sollamo (60), Vice Rector, Professor of Biblical Languages.

The Electoral College consists of 50 representatives of the university’s professors, 40 representatives of teachers, researchers and other staff, and 40 representatives of students. All these groups have at least one member from each faculty.

Kari Raivio has served as Rector of the University of Helsinki since 1996. His five-year term as Chancellor begins 1 June 2003, when Chancellor Risto Ihamuotila retires.

According to the Universities Act, the Chancellor’s duties include promoting science and monitoring the interests of the University, as well as supervising its operations. The Chancellor shall be a person of outstanding merit in the service of science and the university institution. The Chancellor appoints the professors of the university and he has the right to attend sessions of the Council of State whenever matters concerning the University are being discussed. This right is exclusive to the Chancellor of the University of Helsinki.

The Rector will also be elected by the Electoral College, the election to be held on 27 May 2003. The Electoral College will also appoint the Vice Rectors on the basis of Rector’s proposal on 10 June 2003.

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