Ilkka Niiniluoto elected the new Rector of the University of Helsinki

Ilkka Niiniluoto Vice-Rector Ilkka Niiniluoto was elected the new Rector of the University of Helsinki. He received most votes in an election among five other candidates. The Rector’s five-year term begins as of 1 August 2003.

The Rector was elected by a 130-member Electoral College, comprising professors, and representatives of other staff and students. In addition to Ilkka Niiniluoto, the candidates were Fred Karlsson, Dean of the Faculty of Arts, Mauno Kosonen, Dean of the Faculty of Science, Hannele Niemi, Dean of the Faculty of Education, Hannu Niemi, Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Raija Sollamo, Vice-Rector.

In the first round, the votes were distributed as follows: Fred Karlsson 19 votes, Mauno Kosonen 28 votes, Hannele Niemi 2 votes, Hannu Niemi 4 votes, Ilkka Niiniluoto 57 votes and Raija Sollamo 17 votes.

As none of the candidates secured over 50% of the votes, a second round was called for the two candidates who received most votes in the first round. The second round was won by Niiniluoto with 88 votes, while Kosonen got 40 votes.

The new Rector Ilkka Niiniluoto (57) has served as Professor of Theoretical Philosophy since 1981. He has been Vice-Rector of the University of Helsinki since 1998.

The Rector's election was organised because the term of service of the current Rector ends at the end of July. The new Rector will commence his term on 1 August 2003. He will propose Vice-Rector candidates for the approval of the Electoral College.

Rector Kari Raivio did not stand in this election as he has been appointed the new Chancellor of the University of Helsinki. His term begins on 1 June 2003, when Chancellor Risto Ihamuotila is retiring from office.


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