Over 26,000 applications to the University of Helsinki

In the spring 2013 joint application, the University of Helsinki received 26 632 applications, up 1,500 from 2012. The biggest rise in the number of applicants was recorded by the Faculty of Theology.

Over 26,000 applications to the University of Helsinki

In the recently ended main admissions process, the Faculty of Theology received 782 applications compared to last year’s 619. This translates to a 26% increase in popularity.

Visibly delighted, Dean Aila Lauha instantly lists several potential explanations for the Faculty’s success: the Faculty systematically distributes information about its research and education, and employment opportunities for graduates, in addition to collaborating more closely with upper secondary schools and supplying more information related to the application process.

Meanwhile, religion has been actively discussed in the media.

Says Lauha: “Our modern society needs experts in religion, and I believe this is something our applicants have realised as well. Furthermore, the Faculty’s researchers have received good media visibility recently. I assume that enthusiasm and interest in the field are the main reasons for people applying to study here. And the need for expertise in a wide range of duties has most likely made the decision even easier.”

The Faculty of Pharmacy also attracted more applicants than the year before, jumping from slightly under 900 to over 1,000.

The Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry saw its popularity rise for the second consecutive year, receiving around 30% more applications than two years ago.

Overall, the University received 26,632 applications. The corresponding figure in 2012 was 25,071. The number of applicants appears to be rising at a steady rate, with the figure for 2013 being some 10% higher than that for 2011.

In 2012, close to 60% of applicants ultimately took part in the entrance exams, of whom around 30% were admitted to the University.

The figures above are preliminary and based on information received from the National Board of Education.

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Text: Sanna Agullana
Photo: Linda Tammisto
Translation: Language Services/Language Centre, University of Helsinki
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