Helsinki Think Company promotes academic entrepreneurship

Helsinki Think Company, recently opened at Vuorikatu 5, is a city-centre forum for new entrepreneurial activities. It is a communal workspace where students, researchers and entrepreneurially minded individuals can build networks.

Helsinki Think Company promotes a new form of entrepreneurial community and academic entrepreneurship, incorporating academic knowledge, social issues and profitable business activities. It is driven by the desire to advance the ethical, ecological and economic sustainability of society and the environment.

“The University of Helsinki has an incredible pool of competence and talented thinkers,” say students Ella Keski-Panula, Katja Meriläinen and Tiina Juvonen, the new hosts of the forum. “We want to encourage the University community to embrace entrepreneurship, or, in short, to do good and make money.”

“I hope to inspire students taking less common minor subjects to productise their special skills,” says Katja Meriläinen, who combines craft science and entrepreneurship in her own studies.

Meriläinen welcomes ideas and suggestions for events and activities in the new facilities. “Why mull over ideas in solitude instead of talking about them openly and inspiring one another!”

Value-based business

Says Rector Thomas Wilhelmsson: “I expect this to serve as a source of inspiration especially for student start-ups. Helsinki Think Company brings the University’s first-rate academic competence into contact with both small and large businesses. What sets it apart from other business development facilities is the University’s wide and diverse range of sciences forming a platform for entrepreneurs. New ideas emerge when solid scientific knowledge and profound expertise in the humanities and social sciences come together in an entrepreneurially minded environment.”

Helsinki Think Company, launched by the University of Helsinki and City of Helsinki, is open Mondays through Fridays from 10.00 to 18.00 at Vuorikatu 5. The venture also involves Helsinki Business and Science Park (HBSP), Helsinki Innovation Services (HIS), IP Finland and 99Ventures, among others.

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Text: Karin Hannukainen
Photo: Ari Aalto
Translation: Language Services/Language Centre (University of Helsinki)
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