The International Student Barometer showing results on studies and accomodation

According to a European survey conducted by International Student Barometer (ISB), exchange and degree students at the University of Helsinki regard links between the university and working life as particularly important.

photo Wilma Hurskainen
In the survey, international students evaluated their experiences related to studies, accommodation, living and support services. The results were presented by Customer Relationship Manager Nannette Ripmeester from ISB.

“A high level of security and good location are important criteria for international students coming from countries where insecurity is part of everyday life. The University of Helsinki was also praised for its high-quality research and laboratories. Moreover, students gave high marks to the university’s sports and recreation facilities,” said Ripmeester.

And where does the University of Helsinki have room for development? Students pay special attention to employment after graduation, that is, links between the university and working life. Career Services is important in this respect. Practical matters, such as preparing a CV and opportunities to meet potential employers, are important to international students. Although recruitment services are not traditionally regarded as a service provided by a university, it is a good idea to meet students’ expectations by informing students about employment opportunities. Students also value internship opportunities.

“Employment opportunities for international students can be increased by, for example, including practical training or working-life orientation in all international Master’s degree programmes, so that students are able to establish contacts with working life and keep informed about the Finnish labour market,” says Head of Career Services Laura Teinilä.

The International Student Barometer was carried out for the first time in Finland in November and December 2010. A total of more than 5,000 international students from 23 Finnish higher education institutions participated in the survey. About one-fifth of the respondents were from the University of Helsinki. The total number of respondents was about 125,000, representing 186 higher education institutions in ten countries.

Text: Karin Hannukainen
Photo: Wilma Hurskainen
Translation: AAC Global

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