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The Academy of Finland appoints 19 new Academy Researchers to University of Helsinki

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It is quite an idea to question the entire existing conception of the structure of space. Well, that perhaps is one way of describing the project of Anca Tureanu, who will start as a new Academy Researcher at the beginning of next year.

“The existing idea of the structure of space is that it is a continuum and that it can be described with numbers, for example. However, we believe that along with very large amounts of energy, time-space would become quantum-structured.”

Tureanu’s research is based on the string theory that has been extensively developed in recent years. The theory has opened up new vistas for understanding the basic essence of space and time on a deeper level than before. It is believed that it can be used as a basis for establishing a unified theory that takes gravitation into account. In this field, Tureanu and her team are world-leading pioneers of international research.

Proving the quantization of the time-space structure also requires that some conceptions based on the theory of relativity are developed, or partially even replaced. The objective of Tureanu and her team is to find implicit actors – slightly similar as in quantum mechanics – that will verify the existence of the new theory.

“We are trying to build a theory. In a way, we are working in the dark, and see glimpses of light there from time to time. But, unless we achieve a complete theory of a quantized time-space, we hope that we are able to create the outlines for proving its existence.”

The theories of Tureanu’s team are topical in fairly many different disciplines, and the work requires international collaboration with scientists familiar with quantum physics, mathematics and cosmology.

“Moreover, I will continue to teach new courses at the university and advise doctoral and master’s degree students.”

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Text: Kai Maksimainen
Photo: Veikko Somerpuro

Translation: AAC Global Oy

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