Talented young researchers into the professor pipeline along the tenure track

University of Helsinki to introduce its own tenure track system

Sasu Tarkoma and his research team

The tenure track system is a new way of recruiting professors. The aim is to promote the commitment of talented young researchers to the university at an early stage. It is believed that the system will make academic careers more predictable and appealing. In fact, good experiences have been gained from the model, particularly in the United States.

“Young researchers from both Finland and abroad can be included in the tenure track to become future Nobel Prize winners,” says Rector Thomas Wilhelmsson.

During the ongoing year, the University will announce positions in different fields that are up for Finnish and international application. The intended applicants are those who have recently completed the post doc stage and who are motivated and suitable for an academic career.

The aim is to give them an opportunity for professor tenure after about six to seven years of successful working. The working and the results will be closely monitored. An expert procedure will be used both at the recruitment stage and when considering tenures. The process will be launched with 10 to 12 positions this year, and their number will be increased next year.

Also from now on, the aim is to keep the open application process the primary way to recruit professors, but if the tenure track system proves to be successful, its more extensive use will be considered in the future.

Text: Jorma Laakkonen and Sanna Agullana
Photo: Wilma Hurskainen

Translation: AAC Global Oy

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