e-LERU provides international e-learning

Eight member universities of the League of European Research Universities (LERU) provide e-modules and video lectures at the e-LERU virtual campus.

e-LERU provides international e-learning

In addition to the University of Helsinki, the e-LERU project participants are the Universities of Milan, Leiden, Geneva and Heidelberg as well as the Catholic University of Leiden, the Louis Pasteur University and the Karolinska Institute.

“Students of the participating universities may take the e-modules provided by the other universities and universities will also provide joint e-modules," says Sari Koski-Kotiranta, the e-LERU contact person at the Educational Centre for ICT at the University of Helsinki.

It is still early days but some e-modules have already been piloted. Students can browse the offering and register for e-modules on the e-LERU portal. They are, however, advised to ensure that their home department recognises the course as an agreed part of their study prior to registration.

The portal also features lectures by top researchers in an online video database.

“The project lowers the internationalisation threshold for both students and teachers. e-LERU provides a window to the international academic community without having to go on exchange. The video lectures give the opportunity to learn from top researchers, which would otherwise simply not be possible.”

To learn more about e-LERU, visit www.eleru.leru.org


Text: Niina Viitanen
Photo: www.eleru.leru.org

Translation: Valtasana Oy

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