Doctors from the University of Helsinki are in demand

Doctoral degree holders are mainly employed by universities, the civil service and local authorities.

Doctoral degree holders are mainly employed by universities, the civil service and local authorities A recent survey by the Palmenia Centre for Continuing Education reveals that the holders of postgraduate degrees from the University of Helsinki have no difficulty finding their niche in the job market.

The survey evaluated the employment situation of those who graduated in 2002 with a doctor’s or licentiate’s degree as well as certain quality criteria in their workplaces in the summer of 2005, that is, three years after the graduation.

Only 1.5 per cent of the doctors who responded to the survey were unemployed and only 16.8 per cent had been unemployed at some time during the period under study.

The standard of the positions of doctor’s doctoral degree holders varied, however, quite substantially, according to the survey. They were mainly working for universities, the civil service or local authorities.

There were also substantial differences in the correspondence between the standard of the job and educational background. Fifty four per cent of doctors had found positions in their own field that required a doctor’s degree.

The survey does not support the much-debated views that a poor employment situation would drive Master’s degree holders to take up postgraduate studies. The motives of the respondents to begin postgraduate studies were the will to develop one’s own knowledge and skills and their interest in the discipline in question.

The survey was participated in by 196 doctor’s and 65 licentiate’s degree holders.

The survey was commissioned by the Career Services of the University of Helsinki.

Text: Simo Salmela
Photo: Eero Roine

Translation: Valtasana Oy

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