Welcome to the research cafe at Soc&kom

Professor Nigel Hunt is going to be speaking about Memory, War and Trauma at the first research cafe of the spring at Soc&kom.

Welcome to the research cafe at Soc&kom

On 22 March, Professor Nigel Hunt from the Institute of Work, Health & Organisations, University of Nottingham, will be talking about the trauma of war. Hunt is an International Reader at Soc&kom, lecturing in traumatic stress along with Airi Hautamäki, Professor in Social Psychology and Psychology at Soc&kom.

“War can cause post-traumatic stress and trauma, which is something we weren’t aware of in the past,” says Airi Hautamäki.

Nigel Hunt’s research into the consequences of traumatic events will be presented at the research cafe, which is the first of a series of three research cafes this spring.

Hunt will also be talking about his new book, Memory, War and Trauma. In the book Nigel Hunt deals with an aspect that has sometimes been disregarded in research into war experiences, namely external environmental influences. He believes that in order to understand war-related trauma, it is critical to develop an understanding not only of the individual perspective, but also of how societal and cultural factors impact on the outcome of an individual’s experiences.

“Nigel Hunt deals with the long shadow that is cast by war, which can stretch over generations. This theme is very topical for our country because of our war veterans,” stresses Airi Hautamäki.

On 14 April, Dr Vanessa May from The Morgan Centre for the Study of Relationships and Personal Life Sociology, University of Manchester, will be speaking on how social changes affect our individuality. A research cafe is also being organised on Monday 10 May to discuss the ongoing immigration project being carried out by university lecturer Östen Wahlbeck.

“Everyone is welcome to join us at the research cafes at Soc&kom. We are looking forward to having lively and interesting discussions,” says Minna Lehtola, research assistant at Soc&kom.

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Text: Nathalie Edman
Photo: Mats Engblom

Translation: AAC Noodi Oy

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