Software Factory launched at the university

The Department of Computer Science launched Software Factory, a testing laboratory for product development.

Software Factory

Many information technology students have ideas, but they are usually not turned into products. Start-up attempts often fail because it is difficult to find funding, while an employment relationship provides security.

The aim now is to make it easier to become an entrepreneur.

Software Factory intends to provide a safe environment for practicing product development in the software sector and for encouraging students to consider how their ideas could be turned into products.

The basic form of Software Factory is an optional course of seven weeks, and a total of 15 students at a time will get to participate in it.

The aim during the course is that the students refine their ideas into an initial version of a ready product.

The refined idea may originate from the Department, the students themselves, or from the business sector. The main thing is to cooperate in developing the idea further. This also is a learning process at the same time.

"Seven weeks is not a long time, but by working intensively, you can achieve a lot," says Professor Pekka Abrahamsson, founder of Software Factory.

"The concept is to supply students with an environment where they can try out their ideas."

The establishment funding for Software Factory came from the University, and the Factory's operations are funded by Tivit's Cloud Software programme, supported by the Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation. Some funding is also obtained from private parties.

Software Factory is also quickly being made international. It's first sister project will be launched in Spain this summer, and in the next few years, branches will also be established in India, China, and Canada.

To visit the Factory, go to

Text: Juha Merimaa
Photo: Wilma Hurskainen
Translation: AAC Noodi Oy

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