Aim high – you have what it takes

We are going to revolutionise the treatment of cancer during the next five years, says Professor Jonathan K.C. Knowles.

 Jonathan K.C.  Knowles

Professor Jonathan K.C. Knowles from the Insitute for Molecular Medicine Finland (FIMM) is a global opinion leader in personalized medicine.

— I’ve always been interested in how treatment could be targeted so that each individual patient would get exactly the right kind of care. I am also strongly of the opinion that this is how medicine will develop going forward, he says.

So what will happen in personalized medicine during the next five years?

— We are going to revolutionize the treatment of cancer, Knowles states without hesitation.

One of his five-year goals is developing diagnostic tests which could detect, for example, cancer of the stomach and kidneys from blood samples at a very early stage.

Professor Knowles also hopes that the coming five years will bridge the gap that in Finland still exists between basic research and innovation, as well as science and treatment.

— Finns invest heavily in basic research, but both the scientific acclaim and financial profit go elsewhere because the results are not developed and processed all the way.

Professor Knowles believes that both FIMM and Finns in general should set their sights higher, be bolder.

— I don’t mean be more arrogant or boastful, but just have a belief in your own competence. You have to aim high. You may not get there, but it’s worth it to try.

Jonathan K.C. Knowles, Head of Group Research at Hoffman-La Roche, was appointed Professor at the University of Helsinki and FIMM through the Finland Distinguished Professor Programme of the Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation (Tekes) in September 2009.

Knowles is one of the speakers at FIMM Launch Event on 16th – 17th March.

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Text: Päivi Lehtinen
Photo: Hoffman-La Roche
Translation: AAC Noodi oy 10.3.2010

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