The University gives awards on its 364th anniversary

The University of Helsinki again awards five of its accomplished academics to celebrate the anniversary of its foundation on 26 March.

University flag Worth €4,200 each, the awards were presented by Rector Ilkka Niiniluoto in the anniversary festivities.

The J.V. Snellman Award for Public Information was presented to Martti Lehtinen, PhD, Director of Geological Museum. Martti Lehtinen, geologist, is a great scientist while being an excellent lecturer and populariser of science. He has given talks on many occasions on meteors, the birth of craters, diamonds, earthquakes and the lithosphere.

The Eino Kaila Award for accomplishments in university teaching was presented to Professor Sari Lindblom-Ylänne from the Faculty of Behavioural Sciences. Lindblom-Ylänne has developed teaching with exceptional enthusiasm, results and quality. Lindblom-Ylänne, who previously worked as a research lecturer at the Faculty of Law, started at the beginning of this year as Director of the Centre for the Research and Development of Higher Education.

The awards for an outstanding doctoral dissertation were presented to Maija Kiuru, Bachelor of Medicine, Niklas Laitinen, Doctor of Science in Pharmacy and Helena Sarjakoski, Doctor of Philosophy. Kiuru described in her dissertation a previously unrecognised cancer syndrome, Laitinen developed a new image-analytical measuring system, while Sarjakoski analysed Aulis Blomstedt’s architectural thinking from a multidisciplinary perspective.

On the anniversary, the grants of € 14,100 for 30 gifted researchers will be presented by the University of Helsinki Research Foundation.

Text: Liisa Voutilainen
Photo: Tapio Nurminen

Translation: Valtasana Oy

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