Vice-Rector Makarow: We need more scholars from abroad

“We need many more foreign post-doctoral students to come to Finland,” writes Vice-Rector Marja Makarow in latest issue of Universitas Helsingiensis.

Univerity needs more foreign scholars The recent report on the quality of research in Finland notes that one of the foremost challenges for Finland is to increase the number of foreign scholars in universities. The higher the step in the career ladder, the fewer foreigners universities have.

“Foreign scholars are very welcome, as they can inject fresh insight into research, teach us new technologies and best practises and share their international networks with us” Makarow says.

The University of Helsinki is in the process of allocating funds of its own to create up to 36 two-year positions for post-doctoral students in 2004-2006.

“We should take advantage of this resource to attract foreign students to our research groups,” Makarow suggests.

Read more on the website of UH.

Text: Liisa Voutilainen
Photo: Ida PImenoff

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