Awards granted at the Anniversary Celebration

The University of Helsinki gave out five awards and 30 scholarships at its Anniversary Celebration on March 26.

J.V. Snellman Award for Public Information was granted to M.Soc.Sc. Jan Rydman. Eino Kaila Award for Teaching was given to Professor Jan-Ola Östman (Faculty of Arts). Both awards were 4.200 euros.

Three outstanding doctoral theses made in 2002 were rewarded with Dissertation Awards (á 4.200 euros). These awards were given to Dr. Taneli Kukkonen (Faculty of Theology), Dr. Iisa Outola (Faculty of Science) and Dr. Vaula Haavisto (Faculty of Education).

The University of Helsinki Research Foundation also granted 30 scholarships to gifted young scholars and scientists (13.200 euros each).

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