EU earmarks 1.58 billion euros for research

In order to achieve the objective of raising Europe’s investment in research to 3% of gross domestic product (GDP), as decided at the Barcelona European Council meeting in March 2002, the EU will need 500.000 extra researchers.

There are signs that the profession of researcher is not properly appreciated by the general public, so the European Commission has decided to earmark 1.58 billion euros for the training, mobility and career development of researchers for 2002-2006. In June 2003, the Commission will submit a communication on the career of researchers, followed in the autumn by the launching of a European mobility portal and a network of assistance centres for mobility of researchers.

"More and more researchers trained in Europe leave for and remain in the USA", says European Commissioner Philippe Busquin. "They reflect the lack of attractiveness and social recognition characteristic in Europe of the profession of researcher. There is an urgent need to upgrade this profession".

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