Mandatum BioTech Prize to M. Michael Jeltsch

The Mandatum BioTech Ph.D. Thesis Prize 2003 of 3000 Euro was awarded to Dr. M. Michael Jeltsch from the University of Helsinki.

The criteria for choosing the winner were the scientific quality of the thesis, the originality of the innovation, patents, patent applications or commercial products originated from the research, and commercial potential of the innovations. Fifteen applications of very high quality were received.

The selection committee (Prof. Marja Makarow, Prof. Irma Thesleff, Prof. Mart Saarma, Dr. Saara Lampelo, and Dr. Eeva Sievi) decided to give the Mandatum Ph.D. Thesis Prize 2003 to Dr. M. Michael Jeltsch for his outstanding Ph.D. thesis and related innovations. His Ph.D. research on VEGFR-3 ligands and lymphangiogenesis was carried out in the Molecular and Cancer Biology Laboratory, Haartman Institute and Biomedicum, University of Helsinki.

The original articles of the thesis were published in excellent international scientific journals, and the most important findings were protected by patents both in Europe and the United States.

The Mandatum BioTech Ph.D. Thesis Prize, donated by the Mandatum Bank to the Institute of Biotechnology, University of Helsinki, is awarded biannually for an excellent Ph.D. thesis with commercial potential in the field of modern biotechnology.

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