Countryside stays in mind after moving to town

Young people living in the countryside have a relatively positive attitude towards their living environment, and for those who move to the town, the country stays in their mind. This is indicated by the findings of Tarja Toivonen and Merja Paunikallio, researchers at the University of Helsinki Institute for Rural Research and Training in Seinäjoki.

Young people do not subscribe to the bad image of the countryside, and place great value on it as a living environment. The reasons for young people moving to towns are mainly work and studies. They also suffer from the shortage of leisure centres and suitable places to gather and meet each other.

The countryside maintains its position in the future plans of young adults who have moved to towns, one way or another. The countryside of their childhood and teens has become part of their identity and many wish to pass this experience on to their own children. Even those whose plans centre strongly on making a career find the countryside an important place to relax.

For more information on recent studies at Seinäjoki Institute for Rural Research and Training, please visit their website at (in Finnish).

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