Ministry recommends a science and technology research institute

According to the proposal by the Ministry of Education Rapporteur Tarmo Lemola, a research institute specialising in science and technology should be established in Finland, adjacent to one of the existing universities or research institutes.

The purpose of this institute would be to bring together and streamline the currently dispersed research on science and technology. The institute would also play a national role in the decision-making concerning the development of science and technology.

Science and technology administration should be committed to the establishing and developing of the institute both financially and operatively. The Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Trade and Industry should announce a bid for tenders to Finnish universities and research institutes on establishing and maintaining the institute.

It is dependent on the financial resources, how many such institutes, which would receive special financial support, could be established. In the first stage, a maximum of two institutes would be established.

The Rapporteur also says that, in addition to strengthening the institutional infrastructures of science and technology research, Finland should promote postgraduate education in the field, and develop basic education connected to science and technology research. In this task, the institute would play an initiating and developing role.

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