Meet the Chancellor Candidates

A new Chancellor will be appointed for the University of Helsinki next week.

A new Chancellor will be appointed for the University of Helsinki this spring, as the five-year term of the present Chancellor Ilkka Niiniluoto comes to an end. Applications for the position were submitted by Marja Makarow, Vice President for Research at the Academy of Finland, and Thomas Wilhelmsson, the present Rector of the University.

Chancellor Candidate Marja Makarow

Chancellor Candidate Thomas Wilhelmsson

You have a chance to get better acquainted with the Chancellor candidates on Wednesday, 27 February 2013 in the University's Great Hall on Unioninkatu 34, where the candidates will introduce themselves to the academic community and answer questions starting at 12.15.

The event will be hosted by Professor Markku Kulmala, Chair of the University Collegium.

The Chancellor will be appointed by the 50-member University Collegium later the same day.

Historic appointment

The University Chancellor was originally appointed by the King, and subsequently by the Emperor, to represent the monarch at the University. The Chancellor later became the University’s principal representative in governmental and social contexts. Until the 2010 university reform, the Chancellor was, for historical reasons, formally appointed by the President of Finland, on the basis of a government proposal. In practice, however, the candidate was selected by the University. In 2013, the Chancellor of the University of Helsinki will be appointed for the first time by the University Collegium.

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