Business and the arts meet in a new Master's degree programme

A new international programme (in English) has gained global interest.

Business and the arts meet in a new Master's degree programme

The application process for the new ATCM Master’s degree programme in Arts Administration is currently in progress. The name of the programme, Art theory, Criticism and Management, is a combination of the essential aspects of the arts and business.

“Traditionally, business and art has been regarded as opposites, but this programme provides a combination of them. Solid and extensive art know-how is linked with business expertise,” says Julia Pajunen, the coordinator of the programme at the Department of Art Research.

The business part will be provided by the Helsinki School of Economics, and the University of Helsinki is responsible for the art component. The cooperation of these institutions was launched already ten years ago through a shared minor subject package.

The new programme is a response to the needs of working life. The cultural sector needs multidisciplinary professionals, and Finland in particular did not have this kind of education choice before.

“Our education will provide the necessary training for high seats in arts administration, for example. Today, it is not enough that you have good financial skills but not art skills, or that you are an art expert but cannot manage the commercial side.”

The Master’s degree programme will be provided in English. Inquiries for more details have been received from around the world, including, for example, China and Iran.

The application period to the two-year Art theory, Criticism and Management programme will end on 30 April. At the University of Helsinki, the programme is a two-year package. At the Helsinki School of Economics, the programme can be selected as specialisation studies.

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Tex: Niina Viitanen
Photo: Veikko Somerpuro

Translation: Aacnoodi Oy

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