The University of Helsinki will participate in 12 new Centres of Excellence

Applications for national Centres of Excellence in research were of a high scientific standard.

The University of Helsinki will participate in 12 new Centres of Excellence The Academy of Finland has selected 18 research units as national Centres of Excellence in Research for 2008–2013. Twelve of the selected units either operate in the University of Helsinki or the University of Helsinki is a partner in them.

According to Ritva Dammert, Director of the Programme Unit of the Academy, the applications were of a higher scientific standard than ever before.

“According to the international evaluators, nearly two-thirds of the second-stage applications belonged to the top five per cent of their field globally," says Dammert.

The Finnish Centres of Excellence (FCoE) administered by the University of Helsinki are:
- FCoE in Philosophical Psychology, Morality and Politics, Director Simo Knuutila
- FCoE in Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Meteorology of Atmospheric Composition and Climate Change, Director Markku Kulmala
- FCoE in Analysis and Dynamics Research, Director Antti Kupiainen
- FCoE in Microbial Food Safety Research, Director Airi Palva
- FCoE in Trophic Factors in Neuronal Development, Plasticity and Disease, Director Mart Saarma
- FCoE in Foundations of European Law Polity Research, Director Kaarlo Tuori
- FCoE in Algorithmic Data Analysis Research, Director Esko Ukkonen.

The University participates in the following Centres of Excellence:
- Integrative Photosynthesis and Bioactive Compound Research at Systems Biology Level
- Research on Mitochondrial Disease and Ageing (FinMIT)
- Host Defence Research
- Functional Printable Materials
- Interdisciplinary Music Research.

Units appointed to the programme are research and researcher training units that consist of one or more high-profile research groups that are either at or very close to the international cutting edge in their own field of expertise. They will also share a clear set of objectives and work under the same management.

Further information on Centres of Excellence: Finnish Centres of Excellence 2008–2013.

Text: Niina Viitanen
Photo: Veikko Somerpuro

Translation: Valtasana Oy
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