Erasmus exchange reaches record level

Finns are taking part in the EU Erasmus exchange programme more actively than ever. The number of foreign students arriving in Finland has also increased. online Finland has established its position as a receiving country for international student exchange while Finnish university students and teachers are among the most active Erasmus participants in Europe.

During the academic year 2003–2004, there were only six countries to which Finland sent more students than it received. The total volume of Finnish Erasmus exchange has increased significantly. In addition to the number of exchange students arriving in Finland, the number of those leaving Finland to study in other countries grew substantially last year. Over 32,000 Finnish students have participated in the Erasmus programme over 12 years.

The number of departing students was 3,951, which means a 16%, or 549 students, increase over the previous year. The number of arriving students grew by 539 students (12%), and exceeded 5,000 for the first time.

Germany was the most popular destination receiving 654 Finnish students and, correspondingly, Germany sent the most students to Finland (982 students). The next most popular destinations for Finns were the UK, Spain, France and the Netherlands. The largest numbers of Erasmus students after Germany came from France, Spain, Italy and Poland.

In 2003–2004, the number of Finnish Erasmus teachers was 995, which is a hundred more than the previous year. The most popular destinations for teacher exchange were Germany, the UK and Spain.

Text: Tapio Nurminen
Image: Das Deutschland-Portal

Translation: Valtasana Oy

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