Intranet to be launched in April

The new intranet of University of Helsinki will be available to students and staff in April 2004. The intranet will have approximately 40,000 users.

Intranet's frontpage The intranet can be used by all those who have a university user account. The intranet can be accessed with a browser from any computer with an Internet connection. A text-only version will also be available for different terminals and text-based browsers.

The university intranet can be tailored as a personal intranet for every user. When logging in, the intranet’s homepage offers different contents according to the user’s group, role and location. The intranet can also be tailored as an individual intranet for every unit. All departments, faculties and other units will automatically be given their own intranet website.

The most important services shared by the whole university are collected to the service channels by themes. Thus, it is no longer necessary to be familiar with the university’s organisational structure to find information. Most of the separate Internet services will gradually be integrated into the intranet. The first integration phase will include the Webmail email service, Lotus Notes task management, Helka search and WebOodi student information system.

The intranet will offer new, centralised tools for everyone at the university. Everyone will be offered e.g. a personal calendar. The work group area allows various nominated groups to distribute to their members information and documents related to the group’s activities.

More information about the intranet.

Text and photo: Liisa Parviainen

Translation: Valtasana Oy

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