The Country Brand Delegation assigned a mission for Finland

The Chancellor of the University of Helsinki, Ilkka Niiniluoto has been a member of the Country Brand Delegation. The delegation defined three Finnish central areas of strength: functionality, nature and education.

The Country Brand Delegation assigned a mission for Finland

The Country Brand Delegation appointed by Minister of Foreign affairs Alexander Stubb in 2008 was charged with the task of creating a strategy for Finland that would convince the world to turn to us more often and more effectively. The delegation’s report Mission for Finland, was launched today, the 25th November in Helsinki.

- We challenge all Finns, we Finns create our brand ourselves, says Chancellor Ilkka Niiniluoto.

The delegation wishes that Finland will become the world’s problem solver. In its report the delegation lists more than one hundred concrete missions. Some of them are targeted at the authorities, some at business and organizations, and still others at ordinary Finns. The delegation proposes, for instance, that organic production should account for at least one half of Finland’s overall agricultural production by the year 2030, that Finland’s lake water should be purified and made drinkable, and that Finland should establish a peace mediation convention dedicated to Nobel laureate Martti Ahtissari.

The University of Helsinki and MTT Agrifood Research Finland received a challenge: Establish an institute of organic production. The university already has a strong knowhow in organic production at the Ruralia Institute in Mikkeli.

In addition to this also all Finnish universities received a challenge: Put academic openness into practice. The University of Helsinki has already decided that all researchers whose articles are published in international journals will also be published in the open and public databases of the university.

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Text: Karin Hannukainen
Photo: Veikko Somerpuro

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