A New Master’s Programme on the Religious Roots of Europe

A new Master’s Programme in the Faculty of Theology will take students to other Nordic countries and to the Mediterranean area.


The Faculty of Theology in the University of Helsinki is introducing a new programme called the Religious Roots of Europe (RRE). The RRE is a joint Master’s Programme offered in cooperation with five other Nordic Universities – Aarhus, Bergen, Copenhagen, Lund and Oslo.

The aim of the RRE programme is to expose students to the traditions, formative processes and mutual interactions of the three most influential religions at the root of European culture and history, Judaism, Christianity and Islam, from the beginning of the Common Era to the seventh century.

“The three religions have traditionally been studied more or less separately. The aspiration of the RRE is to study the three religions together in their formative period from a comparative perspective”, says professor Antti Marjanen, a member of the Nordic Programme Committee of the RRE from the University of Helsinki.

The programme uses a variety of approaches, including historical, philological, social scientific, feminist and literary.

The RRE is a two-year Programme and consists of 120 credit points. The Programme is scheduled to start in autumn 2009. The period of application for the Programme will commence November 17th 2008.

Applicants are required to have a relevant bachelor’s degree and a basic command of a relevant classical language. The title of the degree earned in the Programme is Master of Theology with specialisation in the Religious Roots of Europe (University of Helsinki).

The faculty consists of Nordic specialists of their own fields. The students of the Programme will participate in courses taught in various Nordic universities as well as in Nordic research institutes in the Mediterranean area.

For further information of The Religious Roots of Europe Programme, see the web page of the Programme: www.helsinki.fi/rre

Text: Elina Mattila-Niemi
Photo: Veikko Somerpuro

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