Higher score, lower ranking

The University of Helsinki ranks 109 in the Times Higher Education World University Rankings. The University ranked 91 last year and 102 in 2010.

Higher score, lower ranking

The University’s ranking dropped this year although it received a higher score (56.4) than in 2011.

“This means that we’re moving in the right direction, but others are moving faster,” says Markus Laitinen, the University’s Head of International Affairs.

As in previous years, Anglo-American universities dominated. The California Institute of Technology topped the list, with Oxford in second place.

The top university outside the Anglo-American sphere was ETH Zürich (12th). The top 100 included as many as seven universities from the Netherlands as well as four French and four German institutions.

The only Nordic universities in the top 100 were the Swedish Karolinska Institutet (42nd) and Lund University (82nd).

However, the best universities are no longer exclusive to the western world. The top 100 includes 11 Asian universities from Japan, Singapore, China, Korea and Hong Kong.

The University of Helsinki received its highest score by far in the number of citations category. Its second strongest suit was research, but this was also the only area in which its score dropped slightly. This may be an effect of results from the parallel survey of reputations of academic institutions across the world, an annual world university rankings spin-off.

The University received its lowest score for industry funding, although this area also showed an improvement on the previous year.

In the subject-specific rankings, only the top 50 universities are now listed. The University of Helsinki failed to reach that level.

Markus Laitinen admits that he is slightly disappointed with the result. “It would be cooler to reach a double-digit ranking. But the differences are tiny at our level: the universities are just a few decimal points apart,” he points out. “We are still among an elite cadre consisting of 0.6% of the world’s universities. We have no reason to despair.”

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Text: Juha Merimaa
Photo: Ari Aalto
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