Nokia donates €1.2m to the University of Helsinki

Rector Wilhelmsson delighted by Nokia’s support of basic research.

Nokia donates €1.2m to the University of Helsinki

The University of Helsinki will receive a donation of 1.2 million euro from the mobile phone giant Nokia. Nokia has announced that it donates a total of 12 million euro to Finnish universities. Nokia’s President and CEO Stephen Elop says that Nokia wants to support the Finnish competence base and co-operation between companies and universities.

– Nokia has long traditions in working with Finnish universities. I believe that our donation will help bolster Finnish university education, research quality and international competitiveness as well as the making of innovations that enhance well-being in Finland. A strong culture of co-operation is also beneficial in terms of research universities being better able to invest in long-term research that is based on their respective scientific focus areas.

Rector Thomas Wilhelmsson is delighted by Nokia’s appreciation of research carried out by the University of Helsinki.

– Nokia’s donation helps the University of Helsinki to a great extent to reach its fundraising target. It is also symbolically significant to have an international corporation such as Nokia supporting basic research carried out by the university.

The fundraising campaign of the University of Helsinki is progressing well.

– We have received positive feedback on our campaign and this has allowed us to build new co-operation partnerships. We are close to our goal, says the Rector.

The Government has made a commitment to invest 2.5 times the amount of capital the university is able to raise as donations for its basic capital by the end of 2010.

Text: Tiina Palomäki
Photo: Veikko Somerpuro
Translation: AAC Global

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