Assessing Russia’s Role in Eurasia’s Energy Complex

Russia is an emerging energy giant and its energy interests are well established in the EU, as well as gradually expanding in Asia. Policy choices made within the context of the country’s energy strategy will have profound and possibly indelible effects for industrial and individual consumers throughout Eurasia.

David Dusseault is currently Acting Professor in Russian Energy Policy at the Aleksanteri Institute, University of Helsinki and will be one of the speakers of the upcoming Aleksanteri Conference.

– Energy is not purely evaluated as economic goods. It also possesses social and political value. Russia’s energy sector (RES) is more than an end in itself, says Dusseault and continues:

– The exploitation of the country’s hydrocarbon resources along with the processing of key commodities into value added goods such as gasoline heat and electricity extends the RES’ importance beyond that of geo-politics.

– As a crucial factor in Russia’s economic growth, the RES simultaneously provides political legitimacy for the country’s public administration through the coordination of budgetary flows among the various institutional levels of the federal system and subsequent provision of goods and services to society at large.

According to Dusseault, current research indicates that major challenges to the viability of Russia's energy strategy lay ahead. One obstacle is improving project management and coordination among Russia's public administration, the private sector and society on the whole.

If such coordination challenges can be overcome, then future domestic issues such as energy efficiency, energy mix, and public service provision in the utility sector can be met with more confidence.

– Subsequently, domestic success would have an external knock-on effect by increasing the amount of commodities such as oil and gas available for export to consumer states in the EU and Asia, Dusseault concludes.

The Aleksanteri Institute will be hosting the 10th Aleksanteri Conference entitled Fuelling the Future? Assessing Russia’s Role in Eurasia’s Energy Complex from the 27th to 29th October 2010 at the University of Helsinki.

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Text: Karin Hannukainen
Photo: Niina Into

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