Common EU identity – Is it achievable?

Minister for Foreign Affairs Erkki Tuomioja spoke at the conference organised by the University of Helsinki.

Erkki Tuomioja With the enlargement process, EU is becoming all the more multicultural. In an international conference organised on 5th October 2006 by Aleksanteri Institute and Network for European Studies, specialists and researchers discussed about the EU integration and possibility of collective EU identity.

Minister for Foreign Affairs Erkki Tuomioja emphasized in his speech that common European identity is essential for the EU’s external role and international cooperation.

- The European Union must take visible actions in e.g. international security issues, reducing poverty and preventing the climate change. These actions require joint decisions.

The EU applicant countries might appear somewhat different comparing to the current EU member states today. With this in mind, Minister Tuomioja underlined the importance of understanding different cultures and minorities:

- In the future, the EU will become even richer mosaic of cultures, religions and languages. History shows us that only tolerant communities will prosper.

Text: Minna Rauhansalo
Photo: Finnish Government Image Bank

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