Academian Georg von Wright's memorial plaque unveiled

The memorial plaque, initiated by Academy of Finland, University of Helsinki and The Philosophical Society of Finland, stands on the wall of von Wright’s long-term home in Laivurinkatu 4, Helsinki.

Rector Ilkka Niiniluoto Academian Georg von Wright’s memorial plaque was unveiled on 23rd October 2006 in Helsinki. Rector of the University of Helsinki Ilkka Niiniluoto gave a speech at the unveiling ceremony.

Von Wright (1916-2003) was a leading Finnish philosopher and logician. In 1940’s he worked as lecturer on philosophy at the University of Helsinki and as professor until 1961. During his distinguished career he also worked e.g. as Chancellor of Åbo Akademi and in Academy of Finland.

Academian von Wright was a visiting professor and lectured at several foreign universities, e.g. in Cambrigde, Cornell and Leipzig. He was also a member of numerous learned academies and societies and honorary doctor of several universities.

Professors Eino Kaila and Ludwig Wittgenstein had the greatest influence on von Wright’s philosophical career. After Wittgenstein's death, von Wright became one of the executors of his literary estate and wrote several articles on his legendary colleague.

In 1989, a volume devoted to Georg von Wright’s philosophy was published in esteemed series of books Library of Living Philosophers. Getting in on this series is in the field of philosophy considered comparable to honour of Nobel Prize. Von Wright was also awarded numerous international literary prizes.

Text: Minna Rauhansalo
Photo: Academy of Finland

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