University of Helsinki professors receive Honorary Doctorates

Markku Kulmala and Tapani Valkonen were made Honorary Doctors by Stockholm University.

Markku Kulmala Academy Professor Markku Kulmala is a professor of aerosol and environmental physics. He is the head of the National and Nordic Centres of Excellence studying the physics, chemistry and biology of atmospheric composition and climate change. The objective of the research is to explain the mechanisms related to the formation of aerosol particles and to apply this knowledge to understanding climate change.

Stockholm University awarded the Honorary Doctorate to Kulmala for his achievement in establishing his group in a very short period as the leading research unit in the world in the field of atmospheric aerosol formation.

The main teaching and research interest of Tapani Valkonen, Professor of Sociology, is the application of sociology and population research in urban studies, as well as of other quantitative social studies.

Stockholm University awarded the Honorary Doctor’s degree to Professor Valkonen for his achievements in the study of mortality both on the Nordic and global level. Furthermore, he has published numerous international scientific articles in over three decades.

Professors Valkonen’s work has strongly contributed to the emergence of new research questions in the examination of socio-economical and regional differences in mortality rates. He has served as an inspiring example and important partner to the researchers of the field at the University of Stockholm.

Altogether eleven Honorary Doctor’s degrees were conferred on September 30th at a ceremony held at Stockholm’s City Hall, also known as the venue for the Nobel Prize ceremonies.

Text: Johanna Blomqvist
Photo: Veikko Somerpuro

Translation: Valtasana Oy

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