University sharpens its goals

The University of Helsinki aims to be among the fifty best universities in the world by 2020.

University sharpens its goals

If everything goes to plan, the University of Helsinki will soon have more international students, researchers and teachers on its campuses. In a few years, a growing number of the members of the university community will have arrived as a result of active recruitment. They may have been attracted by the university’s top-level research and learning environments or its inspiring work community. Perhaps the good reputation the University of Helsinki has in providing solutions for global-scale problems has also played a role.

These and other guiding principles are included in the University of Helsinki’s strategy for 2013–2016, which was approved by the Board of the university on 18 January 2012. The vision 'To the top and out to society' has been further defined: The aim is to be among the fifty best universities in the world.

– This is a tough goal but not an unrealistic one. Helsinki is already among the hundred best universities in the world on the most prestigious ranking lists. Although succeeding in such rankings must not become an end in itself, they are an indication of whether or not a university is going in the right direction, says Rector Thomas Wilhelmsson.

In order to reach its goal, the university will develop its operations on all fronts. In administration, unnecessary bureaucracy will be reduced, while management, communications and co-operation networks will be developed and the allocation of resources to support top-level research will be enhanced. For researchers, the strategy promises more support in administrative duties and the opportunity to take six-month sabbatical leaves from teaching to focus on research.

Students will see the strategy in more systematic guidance and tutoring. Learning environments will be transformed to be more inspiring, and students will engage more with top scientists and scholars of their own field from the very early stages of their studies. Support and encouragement is expected to speed up study times.

– We want to have the most competent people possible doing the right thing in right places. This will ensure that we will be able to continue developing our operations regardless of the challenging economic situation, says Wilhelmsson.

The practical implementation of the strategy will be prepared during 2012. Those interested in what the future has in store for the university are welcome to participate in campus events organised in March, at which the strategy and its deployment will be discussed.

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Text: Virve Kuusi
Photo: Veikko Somerpuro
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