Books relocated, but Hintikka will carry on his work

Professor Jaakko Hintikka has donated a large collection of books to the University of Helsinki.

Professor Jaakko Hintikka has donated a large collection of books to the University of Helsinki. Photo: Ari Aalto

The donation, comprising more than 200 shelf metres of books, was received last friday by Rector Thomas Wilhelmsson and it will be made available for researchers and students.

This is the personal collection, collected over many years, of the perhaps most internationally well-known and distinguished Finnish philosophy researcher.

"I have changed my life arrangements and can no longer have an entire library at home," says Professor Hintikka.

He says that through the donation, his goal is to also ensure that he can continue using the books.

"My general conviction is to make my personal literary property available for others and thus promote Finnish science at a more general level. This means that it also brings joy to others, too.

Professor Hintikka says that he does not regard the donation as giving away the books but handing them over to the public domain – ultimately to all Finns. It is about making resources available for others.

The donation comprises stand-alone collections, such as a Wittgenstein collection, a collection related to the Bloomsbury Set and a collection on classical philosophy. The wide range of topics indicates the extensive interests and research themes of Professor Hintikka, who finished his doctoral dissertation in 1953.

"My goal is to stay updated on many different fields and to obtain books related to them.

Professor Hintikka has not spent that much time in libraries, he occasionally visits libraries and picks up some books when necessary.

"I enjoy working at home, which is why I have collected a large set of work-related books. "The donation comprises books that I have obtained for work purposes, not for collection," says Professor Hintikka.

He continues to carry on his research work.

"I'm not going to stop working any time soon – I'm as enthusiastic as always."

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Text: Kyösti Niemelä
Photo: Ari Aalto
Translation: AAC Global
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