Transformed university

The University of Helsinki is undergoing a visual transformation in addition to its structural changes. The familiar flame logo will increase in size and the colours of the faculties will be highlighted again.

Yliopisto on muuttunut

The University of Helsinki’s strategy for 2010–2012 can be condensed into the phrase “reaching the top and society”. In the coming years, the university aims to consolidate its position among the world’s best multidisciplinary research universities and to operate actively on behalf of the well-being of humanity and a just society. The university’s task is to be the most diverse institution for science, education, and intellectual renewal in Finland, a pioneering builder of the future.

As a result of the university reforms, the University Senate will be consigned to history and the highest decision-making body will be the Board. The Board will decide on the central objectives of the university’s operations and finances, the strategy and steering principles. The Rector, who is appointed by the Board, is responsible for preparing and presenting the issues to be discussed by the Board and for implementing decisions. In the future, the university’s central administration will comprise the Rector’s Office and University Services.

The structure of the faculties at the University of Helsinki has changed: the eleven faculties now have 24 departments instead of the former 67. The number of subjects will stay the same; they can all be found in the new departments. Four faculties in all have no departments at all.

During last December, the university’s employees with a public-service employment relationship signed transfer agreements on amending their public-service relationship to a contractual employment relationship. The contractual employment relationship will retain the key conditions of the service relationship.

A new property company will strengthen the new, independent university’s ability to operate. Yliopistokiinteistöt, which previously belonged to Senate Properties, will transfer to the ownership of Helsingin yliopistokiinteistöt.

Text: Laura Tötterman
Photo: University of Helsinki

Translation: AAC Global

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